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The BEST Surf Lessons for beginners in San Diego, California!
At Surfari Surf School we offer the best Surf Lessons in San Diego possible. We make learning to Surf both fun and safe for everyone. Surfari's San Diego Surf school is conveniently located next to the beach in Mission Beach, California. Stop by our surf school to discover your Surfari adventure today!
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We're dedicated to teaching you how to Surf. If you want to learn Surfing in San Diego you've come to the right Surf school. We have all the latest equipment. Be sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions for San Diego.

Our Surf Lessons are Value Packed!
  • Free use of surfboard and leash
  • Free use of wetsuit and/or rash-guard t-shirt
  • 1-hour of practice time after the instructor's lesson
  • Bathrooms, lockers, security, and excellent customer service in the surf shop
Surfari Surf Lessons in San Diego are for people of all ages. In a 1.5 hour (easy to learn or improve) Surf Lesson, we teach you techniques for proper paddling, positioning, standing, falling, ocean awareness, getting through waves, wave timing and judgment skills. After the Lesson, you may practice the skills you learned for one hour. If you need more time, you are welcome to return for follow-up Surf Lessons and/or surfboard rentals.

  • 9:00am (daily)
  • 11:00am (daily)
  • 1:00pm (daily)
  • 3:00pm (daily)
You will learn to Surf guaranteed!

Type of Lesson (per person)
Group Surf Lesson:
$55/1.5 hours
Semi-Private Surf Lesson:
$65/1.5 hours
Private Surf Lesson:
$85/1.5 hours
You will learn to Surf guaranteed!
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